Scott Howard

DRE License Number 02062364

   Scott Howard has spent most of his life in the Toluca Lake and Burbank areas thus allowing him a unique knowledge of the changes that have occurred over the years. He has seen how the Toluca Lake area has grown in a diverse manner and still retains the charm from years past.

   Scott has worked with Jackbilt, Brad's property management company for over 10 years and has a vast understanding of how to fix household items and appliances. He also has gained an understanding of the construction industry and has a firm knowledge of how long it should take to complete an improvement project. Because of Jackbilt's involvement with Commercial and Industrial real estate, Scott has access to office spaces and industrial spaces that may be available for your needs.

   Scott, like Brad, is also a pilot and spends lots of time flying, whether it be "poking holes in the sky" or traveling to a number of places including Montana. Another interest of Scott's is photography. Lately, it's been mainly a hobby of his, however, he has a really good eye for details and has won awards in the past for his photographic works. Additionally, Scott is also a member at Lakeside Golf Club where he enjoys playing volleyball during the summer and golf year-round.

Scott Howard – IDX